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What is the Splash product line from Fresh Coast?

Fresh Coast is elated in welcoming the world to our new line of Splash products! The product family currently comes in two forms: our 510 thread Splash vaporizer cartridges and 200mg Splash gummies. The Splash product line is a recent development from the labs at Fresh Coast and was designed to help bridge the gap between the more commonly found distillate carts infused with non-cannabis derived terpenes and the more expensive, higher-end 100% live resin vaporizer cartridges found in the Michigan marketplace. Consumers have been asking for more, true cannabis flavor, without breaking the bank. Splash is our solution!

All Splash product lines (live resin+distillate carts, live rosin+distillate carts, and live resin+distillate gummies) are manufactured using a blend of activated live resin or rosin batter with the addition of high-THC distillate. The end product is 100% cannabis derived, high quality, and competitively priced for most any consumer. It is intended to provide consumers with the full cannabis flavor (from the live resin or live rosin) we are all looking for with the addition of the high potency punch from the distillate. By including a little bit from both worlds, high-potency distillate and high terpene content live resin/rosin, Fresh Coast is able to offer a high quality, flavor forward line of products at a cost effective price. As a consumer, you're able to bridge the gap in your wallet while not losing quality by choosing Splash at your next dispensary visit.

In order to produce the Splash product line, the extraction team at Fresh Coast starts with 100% whole plant fresh frozen cannabis (NEVER TRIM!!!!). This is either extracted at ultra-cold temperatures ranging between -60º and -80ºC when making live resin (live resin is produced using butane as a solvent) or at 32ºF when producing live rosin (live rosin is produced using a water extraction method). Whether we are talking live resin or live rosin, both end products from this step produce a terpene-rich concentrate ready for activation. We call this product LRB or SLRB for live resin batter or solventless live rosin batter; if we were to stop at this point in the process, it is the EXACT same product we sell in jars for dabbing. YUMMMMMM!

The next step for making the Splash carts or gummies is activation of the SLRB/LRB which is simply heating up the concentrate in a custom process that preserves the terpene content but converts THC-a to delta-9-THC, the psychoactive component necessary for the desired effects. Once this activation process is completed, the activated LRB/SLRB is now mixed with distillate for the desired ratio depending on the product category: for carts, its 2 parts distillate & 1 part live resin batter; for gummies its 4 parts distillate and 1 part live resin.

The typical Splash carts lands in the 80-90% THC with 85-93% total cannabinoids and has 4-5% live resin/rosin terpenes where our Splash gummies all come in 200 mg packs with 5 effects: Tranquil (w/CBN), Calming (w/CBD), Balanced, Relaxing, and Uplifting. Live resin Splash carts come in 1.0 g and live rosin Splash are 0.5 g with flavors that are constantly rotating to keep it Fresh.

If you happen to have tried our Splash carts/gummies and are looking for more flavor, try our Liquid Live vaporizer cartridges or our 100% live resin gummies. These product lines have about 2-3x as much terpene content (ie FLAVOR!) and land in the 70-80% THC content range for carts or are 100 mg packs of gummies. The Liquid Live vaporizer cartridges are 510 thread and come in live resin (1.0 g) and live rosin (0.5 g) options and are always produced using 100% fresh frozen whole plant material. Legitimately nothing more, nothing less!

Keep it Fresh,

The Labs at Fresh Coast

Fresh Coast is a wholly owned subsidiary of 42 Degrees Processing which is a brand foundry that helps clients forge ideas into finished goods for the Michigan market. Based in a 20k square foot facility in northern Michigan, 42 Degrees Processing works with over 300+ retailers across Michigan to provide a distribution pipeline for our Brand partners. Our dedicated and hardworking staff take a blue-collar approach to crafting tailor-made solutions for these brands where we handle the licensing, manufacturing, and distribution of unique products from Fresh Coast, Fireball, Toast and Escape Artists.

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